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CHF 62.00
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CHF 62.00
Cutting diameter25 mm
Right hand
Large hand size (L)
Length210 mm
Weight227 g
The anvil pruning shears / secateurs that take no prisoners when cutting through hard or dead wood. The ultra-sharp FELCO 31 will prove to be your greatest ally whether you are a left or right-hander. Once you hold the trademark FELCO comfort, you will find no reason to stop as these anvil pruners exhibit high cutting efficiency. Large diameter hard or dead wood, or smaller general pruning tasks can be taken on with ease.
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Made in Switzerland
Lifetime warranty
Product information
The unique profile of the FELCO 31 anvil pruner is evidence of the considerable research and knowledge that lies behind its evolution. It is also suggests a tool more than able to cope with any pruning challenge that confronts it. The extremely sharp straight cutting blade is bevelled on both sides and is highly-efficient in making large cuts through either hard, dead or sappy wood. The FELCO 31 is the rugged anvil pruner with attitude, for left and right-handed users who are not going to let anything stand in their way.
UPC: 783929100579
Family: One-hand pruning shear
Performance attributes
Tool type: Anvil dry wood
Cutting diameter: 25 mm
Length (net): 210 mm
Depth (net): 3 mm
Weight (net): 0.227 kg
Depth (gross): 3.5 mm
Weight (gross): 0.3468 kg
Hand size: Large
Dexterity: Universel

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