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FELCO 6 Ed. Stéphane Marie

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CHF 125.00
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CHF 125.00
Cutting diameter20 mm
Right hand
Length195 mm
Medium hand size (M)
Weight218 g
An excellent versatile choice, this compact and high-performance pruning shears offers exceptional range and cutting power. The FELCO 6 combines exceptional ergonomics and comfort of use for an always optimal cutting quality, whatever the size of your hand.The aluminum handles are first anodized in black, then an arabesque representing Stéphane Marie's herbarium is printed using the UV printing technique, before protecting everything with powder coating. Learn more about the Stéphane Marie Special Editions here: 20.00mm 0.79inch 210g 0.46lb 195.00mm 7.68inch Medium hand
Made in Switzerland
Product information
The FELCO 880/196 Lithium-Ion battery delivers power for a day of pruning. Most pruning jobs require a FELCO 880/196 single capacity battery, however, depending on the hardness and diameter of the branches you cut, a double capacity battery, the FELCO 880/196 is available for intensive and heavy-duty pruning. 
UPC: 783929102214
Performance attributes
Tool type: Bypass young branches
Cutting diameter: 20 mm
Length (net): 195 mm
Depth (net): 2.5 mm
Weight (net): 0.218 kg
Depth (gross): 12 mm
Weight (gross): 0.76 kg
Hand size: Medium
Dexterity: Right

FELCO 6 Ed. Stéphane Marie: Spare parts replacement

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