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CHF 60.00
Saw length straight500 mm
Weight370 g
The FELCO 611 pull-stroke pruning saw delivers fast, precise cutting action that cuts into wood without hesitation or clogging. Its straight tapered shape and longer blade 33cm/13inches can position you between growth in a way that that means no branch is out of reach. 
Product information
Practical, consistent, efficient… three descriptions that are as easily applied to the low friction, straight tapered FELCO 611 pruning saw as its blade is applied to any chosen branch. With sawdust quickly removed by hardened teeth you are left to admire a clean, smooth, quality cut. The stability and comfort of the ergonomic handle - whether you are right or left-handed - gives you the incentive to keep on cutting no matter where you are working. When you finally do stop, the saw can be stored in a sheath that can be fixed to your belt on either side. 
UPC: 783929100586
Performance attributes
Tool type: Pruning saws
Cutting diameter: 100 mm
Length (net): 500 mm
Weight (net): 0.37 kg
Depth (gross): 4.8 mm
Weight (gross): 0.56 kg
Blade length (net): 330 mm
Softgrip indication: Yes

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