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Sometimes only a saw will do… For those occasions, the FELCO 911 double holster, made from genuine leather, holds pair of FELCO pruning shears and a FELCO folding saw or two pairs of FELCO pruning shears. The choice is yours but the outstanding convenience and ergonomics - as with all FELCO tools - is mandatory. Placed one behind the other the two pockets provide a smooth transition and the easy grasp of your essential cutting tools. Rugged and reliable, made with heavy duty stitching and rivets, the FELCO 911 holster is the perfect companion to your pair of favourite FELCO tools.  
Product information
Despite having two pockets, the compact design of the FELCO 911 holster conveniently keeps 2 FELCO tools at hand while not impacting on your pruning movements. It’s not just the lightweight construction but the way that the tools are placed one behind the other that makes removal a smooth process, avoiding disturbance of anything but your intended target. Whether you need two pairs of pruning shears specific to different branch sizes, or a pair of pruning shears and a FELCO folding saw to cope with your day, the FELCO 911 multi-tasks with comfortable efficiency. Made in genuine leather with strong seams and metal rivets, the FELCO 911 is the perfect lifetime companion for your FELCO tools. Attached to your belt by a clip or loop it will stay there like an old, reliable friend wherever you take it.
UPC: 783929404523
Length (net): 285 mm
Weight (net): 0.195 kg
Weight (gross): 0.294 kg

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