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CHF 75.00
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CHF 75.00
Cutting diameter3 mm
Length190 mm
Weight270 g
Wire cutters specially designed for repetitive use cutting radial ply carcass high strength steel cables in the pneumatics industry.
Specially shaped cutting head with smaller opening for smaller diameters, supple spring for greater comfort.
Made in Switzerland
Product information
Introducing the FELCO C3 one-hand cable cutter, crafted from high-strength steel for durability and precision. Specifically designed for repetitive cutting of radial ply carcass high-strength steel cables in the pneumatics industry. Enjoy a specially shaped cutting head with a smaller opening for precise cuts on smaller diameters, along with a supple spring for enhanced comfort during prolonged use.
UPC: 783929200057
Performance attributes
Tool type: Shears
Cutting diameter: 3 mm
Length (net): 190 mm
Depth (net): 2.05 mm
Weight (net): 0.27 kg
Depth (gross): 3.2 mm
Weight (gross): 0.3668 kg

FELCO C3: Spare parts replacement

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